Dedicated athletes to make a change

We created Sport For Refugees to bring more motivation and energy to the ones that need it in their life at this moment.


Estelle Jean

Founder - Executive Director

Based in France and Greece

Estelle is a humanitarian worker and a passionate athlete. She holds a Master degree in Political Science and Management from the ISMaPP-Paris. She did 18 years of horse riding, 8 years of competition swimming, and she is now running marathons, trails and training for triathlons.

She is an excellent swimming teacher and an outstanding running coach. She gives workout and fitness classes, yoga sessions, and Muay Thai boxing trainings.

Estelle founded the organisation to raise awareness of positive impact sport has and to share her passion among her peers and beyond.

Today she manages a wide range of training on the ground, coaches volunteers and refugee sport teachers, fundraising, and leads on social media.





Natalie Thaler


Natalie is a certified yoga teacher who had a vision of creating a place where refugees can heal from their difficult journey and release their tensions. She came to Lesvos to volunteer at first and when seeing the situation she realized how yoga could help the human beings who had suffered and are still suffering from very difficult life conditions.

Natalie has a deep knowledge in healing methods such as Thetahealing, Thai massage, healing through music and water therapy. 

When Natalie and Estelle met in January 2018 they started collaborating together: Natalie came with helpers to build the Wellness Tent in One Happy Family Community Center and after a few days yoga classes, sport sessions were starting ! 




Talented supporters from everywhere contribute to the cause in their unique way


Lisa Mueller

Based in France and Germany

A professional dancer and self taught chef. Driven by her vision and passions, Lisa founded LAB-Kitchen Berlin to create the most nutritious athlete food based on natural and essential products. 

She introduces and teaches essential skills to refugees linking sports, energies, nature, movement. 



Jaimie Peeters

Based in The Netherlands

Jaimie is a professional photographer and videographer. He is also a recreational runner and triathlete.

Jaimie believes that sport is a natural medicine for the body and for the mind. He advocates for a better world sharing thousands of news, images and videos to create some awareness.

With Sport for Refugees he wants to document the progress and effect of teaching and sharing sports and exercise with refugees. He also successfully campaigned and organised the shipping of donated sport clothes and shoes for refugees on Levsos.

Rick grieg higginson

Rick Grieg Higginson

Based in Denmark

Rick is a diplomat and passionate sportsman. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Business and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Development from Liverpool, A Coruña and Aalborg Universities.

Rick is a passionate athlete and a member of Copenhagen Wolves rugby team and Denmark’s Black Swans field hockey team. He is a regular in OC races, a cross fitter, weight lifter, kayaker, and also a keen tennis player and boxer. 

He has worked with refugees in Greece amongst others on sport activities. Today, Rick uses his network over the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as the UK to initiate and develop Sport For Refugees projects with a focus on integration.


Iris Soler Gibert

Based in Catalunya

Iris is currently studying her Bachelors in Pedagogy at the University of Girona. She is passionate about dancing since she was a little girl and she danced from the age of 4 to 14. She loves music and art. On her free time she dives into the world of painting or walks to the very top of a mountain, because she loves mountain sports, and nature, and animals.

Last year she travelled to Lesbos where she volunteered and worked with the refugees. Once in Lesbos and thanks to her studies, she got to perform and develop a pedagogic and inclusive approach, which she could put into practice with all the boys and girls making the most of every moment. That marked a real turning point in her life.

Now, she is helping us from Girona, managing the the teams of volunteers and she has also organised an amazing campaign to collect used sport clothes together with Alejandro.

Corinne Dietiker

Based in Greece and Switzerland

Corinne has 8 years of experience in development and in the humanitarian sector with focus on health in Asia, Africa and Europe. She holds a MA in International Community Development with Distinction, a BSc Business Administration and is certified as yoga  and mindfulness teacher for children, adolescents and adults (595hrs).

Today she combines her passion for community development and yoga in building capacity of individuals and empower communities through yoga (various styles and levels), breathing, meditation, positive thinking and peaceful communication. 

Corinne manages yoga sessions on the ground and coaches refugee sport teachers.. 


Alejandro Arias

Based in Spain

Alejandro is an energetic and a positive person. Graduate in Labor Relations and with a Master in Personal and Executive Coaching, he is now working in Duracell HR department.

He is a football player since he’s 5 years old, even if he is passion remains music.

He is supporting the organization with volunteers recruitment and organized a very successful clothes collection for Sport for Refugees together with Iris.