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Ali has a black belt DAN II in taekwondo. He has been training since he is 8 years old. He is part of the national taekwondo team  in Afghanistan since 2016. He trains 6 hours a day everyday to perform even better. Ali is also a teacher: he used to train kids of 4-5 years old back in Afghanistan and he is now trains men and women of all ages at the One Happy Family Community Center.

He daily participates in running, workouts and Muay Thai boxing with Sport For Refugees. He wants to continue training very intensely to be prepared for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.


Jâśòor Žáĺmāý


Jâśòor has been practising Muay Thai for more than 8 years in Afghanistan. Today he has a Khan 7 meaning he has a good understanding of both technical and theoretical knowledge in Muay Thai and he can competently pass on his passion to students. He is certified as an assistant instructor since 2017 and started giving classes in Kabul before coming to Europe.

Jâśòor aspires to get to Level 4 and to become a fully certified instructor. He actively participates in cardio trainings, workouts and personal coaching with Sport For Refugees.