Natalie Thaler

Natalie Thaler is the founder of this beautiful initiative.

Natalie is certified yoga teacher who had a vision of creating a place where refugees can heal from their difficult journey and release their tensions. She came to Lesvos to volunteer at first and when seeing the situation she realized how yoga could help the human beings who had suffered and are still suffering from very difficult life conditions.

Natalie has a deep knowledge in healing methods such as Thetahealing, Thai massage, healing through music and water therapy. 

She entrusts the project in the hands of the shinning Corinne Dietiker who is representing and managing the project in Lesvos.


We want to share our inner peace with you

Lesvos Yoga Project is a non profit project aiming to bring yoga and well being to refugees living in different camps in Lesvos.

Through developing physical, emotional & mental balance yoga has proven to be effective in helping with post-traumatic stress disorder. Alternatively, refugees have to wait for months to seek psychological help (with 400 persons in line) while yoga gives instant relief by;

  • brightening up their daily life and distracting from negative thoughts

  • developing their self knowledge, positive thinking, mindfulness and self awareness

  • easing stress and helping them find a home within themselves

  • building a community by getting together people from differents origins and religions, with locals and people from around the globe

  • creating a sense of belonging

Lesvos Yoga Project is collaborating with DocMobile to establish mindfulness workshops for adolescents, wellbeing and anatomy sessions for adults and works closely with the community school to offer yoga to children at the One Happy Family Community Centre .



Rohullah Balkhi (Yoga Assistant Teacher)

Rohullah is a very committed yogi. He attends daily different yoga sessions and has therefore good knowledge of different styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow and Bikram. He shows his passion for yoga not only on the mat but also in dedicating his spare time in improving the yoga space to make it more safe and clean.